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October 1, 2015
The Golden Rule
           Congressman Langevin awaits the arrival of Pope Francis on the White House lawn

Dear Friends,

To sit in the Chamber of the United States House of Representatives, just feet away from His Holiness Pope Francis, and hear firsthand his message of hope and healing, justice and equality, and compassion and cooperation, was an incredible experience. As a lifelong, devoted member of the Catholic Church and as a public servant, it was a humbling and inspiring opportunity.

His message was eloquent and simple. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Invoking the Golden Rule we were taught as children, Pope Francis issued an edict for all Americans to be more understanding and cooperative. He called on us to fight for the common good in the spirit of unity – the spirit that makes the United States so great.

The challenges we face are complex, but the attitude we must approach them with is not. Be kind. Listen to others. Be genuine. Too often, our public discourse has devolved. We pick sides and close out opportunities. As Pope Francis said, we “discard whatever proves troublesome.” It can’t be that way if we are to realize his vision of a more peaceful, compassionate world where all people are treated equally and have the same ability to succeed. His words resonated with me, and I work every day to be a good person and a worthy representative of my constituents.

In the halls of Congress, in our neighborhoods and schools, and as part of the global community, we must all recommit ourselves to working together, across ideologies, to build a better future.

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Congressman Langevin speaks in front of a Narragansett ladder truck
Fighting Fire with Policy
In 2003, Rhode Islanders were devastated by the death of 100 friends and neighbors in the Station Nightclub Fire. Ever since that tragedy, I have been fighting hard in Congress to increase access to lifesaving sprinkler systems. I introduced the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act last month to create tax incentives for property owners to install automatic fire sprinkler systems. Fire sprinklers are proven to save lives, and this bill would make our communities safer.
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Preserving a Lifeline
Rhode Island’s unemployment rate is on the decline, but unemployment insurance remains a vital safety net that makes it possible for those who are out of work to look aggressively for a stable job that will allow them to provide for their families. To preserve this program and protect it from potential fraud or abuse, our state has received nearly $2.4 million in federal funds.
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