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April 18, 2017
The Future of Health Care
           Congressman Langevin with Senators Reed and Whitehouse at their town hall event

Dear Friends,

Passing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010 is one of the highlights of my Congressional career. The ACA made fundamental changes to health care delivery in this country by increasing consumer protections and affording millions of Americans access to coverage. Recently, Congress has been debating the future of the ACA, and I have been impressed by the outpouring of support for the law by passionate constituents across the state and country.

One proposal, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), was up for consideration on the House floor recently. The AHCA would have increased costs, reduced access to lifesaving care and eliminated services for the sick, poor, elderly and people with disabilities. I spoke against this legislation on the House Floor, and it was, thankfully, pulled from consideration.

Throughout the debate, I was heartened by the support we received from Rhode Islanders, particularly the hundreds who attended the March 26 town hall meeting I hosted with my Congressional colleagues, Senators Reed and Whitehouse. The energy in that room was palpable, and the stories people shared demonstrated the ACA’s impact in a way that charts and graphs just can’t capture.

We had the pleasure of hearing from Jon-Paul Capece, a member of the Thundermist Health Center Board of Directors, who shared the remarkable story of the care he received thanks to the ACA. Capece, an opioid addict who faced considerable mental health challenges, was able to get life-saving care under the ACA and turned his life around – he is now working in at the non-profit 9 Yards, a program to help former inmates adjust to life after release by providing counseling and addiction recovery programs. Capece’s story is just one example of how the ACA helped someone access the care they needed when they needed it.

It’s time to move on from ill-conceived efforts to dismantle the ACA and work together to strengthen and improve what needs to be fixed. The alternative is simply counterproductive, unsustainable and will risk the health and well-being of our citizens.

Keep up with my efforts on health care and many other issues through my website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


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Budget Framework Blues
We caught a brief glimpse into President Trump’s budget outline in March, and I am deeply troubled by the dramatic cuts he proposes to programs that everyday families rely on. His budget would eliminate funding that helps people heat their homes and find affordable housing. Recently, I delivered Meals on Wheels to an elderly man in Rhode Island and cuts to programs like this will have a devastating impact on countless Americans who depend on them. I am also deeply concerned about proposed cuts to programs that protect our environment, promote the arts, educate our youth, and invest in scientific and medical innovations that create 21st Century jobs.
Congressman Langevin with Senator Whitehouse at a #IWillActonClimateChange event
Undermining Clean Power
The Clean Power Plan was an important blueprint to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions pouring into our atmosphere. Regrettably, President Trump recently signed an executive order to begin repealing it, which will worsen the effects of climate change – something we’re already dealing with as residents of the Ocean State – and pose significant public health challenges to people all over the world.
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