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February 8, 2018
The State of Our Union
           Congressman Langevin with his State of the Union guest, Michael D'Ambra

Dear Friends,

Last week, the President delivered his State of the Union address. Although the President spoke at some length about bipartisanship, his first year has sadly lacked almost any sincere attempts at bipartisan collaboration. Rather than working together to expand access to affordable health care, the President has focused on sabotaging the Affordable Care Act. Instead of reaching across the aisle to pass genuine tax reform, the President chose to sign a bill that provides permanent cuts to giant corporations at the expense of middle-class families, all while adding more than a trillion dollars to the national debt.

What’s particularly unfortunate about these missed opportunities is that there are issues where we can easily find common ground. Every day, Rhode Islanders travel bridges that are in terrible condition, and I introduced the SAFE Bridges Act to restore an important funding mechanism for construction and repair. My guest at this year’s State of the Union was Mike D’Ambra, a former state representative and the owner of D’Ambra Construction. Mike understands the need to rebuild Rhode Island’s crumbling infrastructure, and we were both glad to hear the President highlight infrastructure as one of his priorities. However, the President made a similar commitment last February, and more than a year into his term, we have yet to see a concrete plan.

Partisan politics have consumed Washington D.C., but as I told the President after his the State of the Union address, I am ready to work with my colleagues across the aisle to find legislative solutions to our nation’s greatest challenges, including expanding career and technical education and lowering prescription drug prices. I just hope the rhetoric we saw last week was more than empty words.

You can check out my full response to the President’s address on my website, and keep up with my efforts through my blog and by following me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


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Congressman Langevin at a Martin Luther King, Junior Day celebration at Ebenzer Baptist Church
His Legacy Lives On
I had the honor of joining my Congressional colleagues and state and local leaders at the Ebenezer Baptist Church to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday and reflect on his vision of America. Our country has seen an unprecedented amount of intolerance, bigotry and division. Now more than ever, we must remember MLK’s legacy and embody his principles of social and economic justice, not just on January 15th, but every day of the year.
Congressman Langevin with a West Warwick police officer
Continue to Serve
Hardworking law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day, and they deserve the opportunity to continue working in careers that make appropriate use of their knowledge and experience if they become disabled. That is why I introduced the Continuation on Active Service Act, a bill that will allow federal law enforcement officers to continue to offer their valuable insight and knowledge to their respective agencies and the American public.
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