Military Personnel

Issues: Armed Services, Iraq and Afghanistan

Members of the Rhode Island National Guard prepare to deploy in March 2011.

As a leader on the House Armed Services Committee, I am daily reminded of the sacrifices made by members of our Armed Forces. In the interest of making the lives of servicemembers and their families easier, I have compiled several resources for active duty personnel and well-wishers. Please don’t hesitate to contact my district office if I can be of further assistance.

Active Duty Military

The Armed Forces Crossroads has put together a Deployment Guide that seeks to make the deployment process from predeployment through reintegration as painless as possible for members, families, and friends.

The branches of the military have also provided their own various welfare, recreation, and morale services to their active duty troops and their families. To access these resources, start by clicking on the appropriate branch below.

Guard and Reserve Resources

The Department of Defense has put together an inclusive Guide to Reservist Family Benefits. This guide is an excellent resource for members of the Guard and Reserve and their families.  Reserve members may also find useful information at the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense – Reserve Affairs.

The Rhode Island National Guard has a calendar of local events and support programs as part of its Family Assistance Center.