Information for Rhode Island businesses, particularly small businesses.

College Students

Information on federal resources for college students with an emphasis on financial aid.


Resources for homeowners that are having trouble with their mortgages or facing foreclosure.


Links to officials, courts, and municipalities serving the residents of the Second District.


Guidance from the Congressional Research Service on sources of federal grants, loans, and non-financial assistance for projects.

Identity Theft

Information to help Rhode Islanders protect against the growing problem of identity theft.


Links to informational (and fun) sites for kids and students from across the federal government.

Legislative Process

Information about how a bill moves through Congress on its way to becoming a law.

Military Personnel

Resources for active duty military personnel and their families.

Senior Citizens

Links for seniors about federal and state resources available to them.


State and federal resources for former members of the armed forces.

Washington DC Visitors

Highlights of the nation's capital.

Other Resources

Informational links and resources on a variety of additional topics including: Birth Certificates, Consumer Protection, Disaster Preparedness, Federal Business Opportunities, Jobs, Missing Children, and Unclaimed Property.