National Rehabilitation Hospital Honors Langevin with Victory Award

Nov 8, 2001
(Washington, D.C.)–Congressman Jim Langevin has been honored by the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) with their Victory Award as an individual who best exemplifies exceptional strength and courage in the face of adversity. 

 Langevin received the award Monday evening during NRH’s 15th anniversary awards dinner at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C., following a morning reception at the White House the same day with First Lady Laura Bush and this year’s other award recipients.

 “The very essence of the Victory Award is testament that even though a person may have a disability, the human spirit can triumph over any obstacle,” said Congressman Langevin.  “I hope that my story can be an inspiration and an encouragement for those facing any kind of uphill battles.  I would like to thank the National Rehabilitation Hospital for their innovative efforts to offer people with disabilities rewarding and life-enriching opportunities.”

This year’s other honorees include Art Buchwald, a national syndicated columnist and stroke survivor; Robert Guillaume, an actor and stroke survivor; Heather Mills, a British model whose leg was amputated following a motorcycle accident; and Dr. Jerri Nielsen, a physician who diagnosed and treated herself for breast cancer while icebound at the South Pole.

 According to NRH, the hospital has gained a reputation for excellence, innovation and leadership in the field of medical rehabilitation.  One of the top 15 hospitals in the U.S. for medical rehabilitation, one of NRH’s primary goals in the rehabilitation process is adding life to years, and to increase the quality of life for people with disabilities by helping them to be as independent as possible.

“I think very often life is a perseverance test,” Langevni said during his acceptance speech Monday evening.  “It’s God’s way of shaping us.  With courage and determination, we can come through anything.”

 Past recipients of the Victory Award include John Hockenberry, Senator Max Cleland, Senator Bob Kerry, Jim Brady, Sammy Davis, Jr., Jim Abbott, Sandy Duncan, Gloria Estefan, Patty Duke, Ben Vereen, Ray Charles, Senator Bob Dole and many others who have overcome adversity to lead full and productive lives.