Langevin Statement on SNAP Funding in the Farm Bill

May 15, 2013 Issues: Children and Families

On the House floor earlier today, Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) delivered the following statement regarding proposed cuts to the SNAP program in the House Republican Farm Bill.

“I rise today in strong support of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and against the proposed $20 billion cut in SNAP funding under the House Republican Farm Bill. Coming on the heels of a sequester-induced reduction, SNAP beneficiaries continue to feel the cruel pinch of this Congress’s priorities.

“SNAP – better known as food stamps – helps millions of Americans living in poverty put food on the table. In the wealthiest nation in human history, it is unconscionable that every American cannot afford life’s basic necessities.

“80 percent of the households receiving SNAP earn below the federal poverty line. That translates into millions of working families. With these cuts, millions will go hungry and be forced to make decisions between food and other vital needs that nobody should ever have to confront.

“I call on my colleagues to reject these cuts, and I yield back my time.”