Langevin Statement on House Democratic Sit-In To Demand Vote on Gun Reform

Jun 22, 2016 Issues: Gun Safety

Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI), a member of the Congressional Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, joined his Democratic colleagues today to stage a sit-in, calling on Speaker Ryan to bring to the floor for a vote proposals that would expand background checks and prohibit individuals on the No-Fly List from purchasing weapons.

“These are not radical ideas. These are commonsense proposals, and the time to take action is long overdue. As the victim of an accidental shooting, I know firsthand the devastating effects that guns can have on a life, even when being handled by experts. I was lucky. I lived. The 49 innocent people killed in Orlando – and the thousands killed by guns in our country each year - did not have that chance, and their families and friends deserve better. The vast majority of Americans support responsible gun reforms, like universal background checks, and those constituents deserve a vote.

“My colleagues on the other side of the aisle might disagree with my position, but at the very least, we should be having a robust debate on the House floor. If they believe that an individual with suspected terrorist ties, who is on the no fly list, should still be able to purchase weapons in this country, I’d very much like to hear their rationale on that vote. Our constituents deserve to know what we believe and how we will vote, and today’s sit-in sends the message that for Orlando, for Sandy Hook, and for the countless other innocent lives lost, thoughts and prayers and moments of silence are no longer enough. This issue is not going away.”