Langevin Statement on Executive Actions on Gun Safety

Jan 6, 2016 Issues: Gun Safety

Congressman Jim Langevin, a member of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, spoke on the House floor about the President’s efforts to ensure more gun purchases are accompanied by background checks.

Congressman Jim Langevin
Statement on President Obama’s Executive Actions on Gun Safety
January 5, 2016

Mister Speaker, this morning, the President announced another series of actions his Administration is taking to curb our nation’s gun violence epidemic. They are important steps, and I commend the President and Vice President for their continued focus on this ongoing crisis. But as the President said today: “Congress still needs to act.”

In my fifteen years as a member of this House, Congress time and again has failed to answer the cries of Americans who have lost their loved ones to the scourge of gun violence. Congress has failed to respond to the pleas of Americans disabled by stray bullets. Congress has failed to acknowledge the vast majority of Americans, Republican and Democrat, who believe that every gun purchase should be accompanied by a background check. With each failure, we get closer to a day when tragedies like San Bernardino and Sandy Hook will become what they never should be: normal. Mister Speaker, I urge my colleagues to find the courage to take action. It is long past overdue.