Langevin Statement on Attorney General Sessions’s Testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee

Jun 13, 2017 Issues: Cybersecurity

Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) issued a statement following Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence:

“The Attorney General’s testimony this afternoon was unsubstantial, unresponsive, and unacceptable. Mr. Sessions – like every government employee – has an obligation to answer to the oversight of Congress. He failed that obligation and his oath to the Constitution with his stonewalling of Senators who were attempting to better understand the explosive testimony former FBI Director James Comey gave last week. Russia’s interference in our elections is an attack on a fundamental pillar of our democracy, and investigations into Russia’s actions must not be hindered in any way. Yet, at every turn, President Trump and his Administration are throwing up roadblocks and may, in fact, be obstructing justice.

“Attorney General Sessions lost the faith of the American people in March when it became clear he had lied during his confirmation hearings. He has done nothing to regain that trust. He must do his duty and respond to Congressional inquiries fully and truthfully.”