Langevin Invites Steve Cardi to State of the Union

Feb 5, 2019

WASHINGTON – Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) has invited Stephen A. Cardi II, Chief Operating Officer for Cardi Corporation, to join him at tomorrow’s State of the Union address. Cardi Corporation is one of the largest highway and heavy contractors in New England. Cardi himself has spent his career working in the Rhode Island construction industry and is the current president of Construction Industries of Rhode Island (CIRI).

“Across the country there is a great need for infrastructure investment, and in Rhode Island, the situation is especially dire with the state ranking as having some of the worst roads and bridges in the country,” said Langevin. “President Trump and I don’t see eye-to-eye on many issues, but I think we can all agree that funding infrastructure is essential. Our infrastructure, whether transit related or the broadband we rely on in this Information Age, is the building block of commerce and expanding our economy. Completing these vital projects also requires more middle class workers in the skilled trades and means more jobs for Rhode Islanders. Stephen Cardi has been a leader in the Rhode Island construction industry for decades, and I am proud to have him join me at this year’s State of the Union address to highlight the critical importance of new federal infrastructure investment.”

“I am honored to be attending the State of the Union with Congressman Langevin, and I am grateful that he continues to be a strong advocate for new infrastructure investment,” said Cardi. “Rhode Islanders deserve safe, reliable and modern infrastructure that will meet the demands of personal and professional life and promote a stronger economy. I hope President Trump will work with Congress and make infrastructure funding a priority this year.”

“Tomorrow night, the President has a chance to turn the page on his costly shutdown,” concluded Langevin. “Instead of using his address to double-down on his threats to invoke a national emergency to build an unnecessary border wall, he should take the opportunity to focus on important bipartisan priorities such as our urgent infrastructure needs.”