Langevin Honored at Charitable Flying Organizations' Event in Providence

Apr 16, 2011

Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) and area businessman John Carter received the Angel Planes Founders’ Award Saturday for their contributions to the first flight of the organization’s Providence Chapter. The presentation at the Waterman Grille in Providence was part of the 21st Annual Conference for Air Care Alliance, a league of charitable flying organizations.

In 1998, an eight-year-old girl from Central Falls needed funding to fly halfway across the country to receive a new small intestine. At a moment’s notice, then-Secretary of State Langevin and Carter teamed up with Angel Planes to raise money to charter a plane from Norwood, MA, to Nebraska. Langevin and Carter raised over $10,000 for that first flight on April 1, 1999, with Angel Planes donating $2,000 more. The organization has since grown to include flights for patients between more than 20 countries, including Haiti and India.

“I am honored to be associated with John Carter and with the founders of Angel Planes of Rhode Island, Gary St. Peter and his sons Matt and Chris,” said Langevin. “The selfless devotion to a tremendous cause demonstrated by the St. Peter’s and all the organizations at this conference represents the best of humanity. I want to thank everyone in attendance for their incredible commitment to giving hope to so many kids in need.”

Angel Planes of Rhode Island brought this year’s Air Care Alliance conference to Providence and Newport, featuring groups from throughout the country that provide financial support for air transportation in order to obtain necessary medical care and treatment for children whose families cannot afford the cost of a flight. Conference attendees had the opportunity to share knowledge and build relationships with industry professionals and peers from across the country and discuss the promotion of a strong future for the charitable aviation movement. Conference topics included safety, efficiency, and effective media relations strategies.