Langevin Earns Top Score from Retired Americans Group

Mar 18, 2002

(Washington, D.C.)–The Alliance of Retired Americans recently announced that Congressman Jim Langevin has received a perfect, 100 percent score on its 2001 Special Report of Legislation Vital to American Retirees. This is freshman Langevin’s first score by the Alliance who scored 10 House votes based on seniors’ issues. 

 Edward F. Coyle, Executive Director of the Alliance, congratulated Rep. Langevin for "scoring a perfect 100% on the Alliance Voting Record.  The achievement shows Rep. Langevin's strong commitment to Rhode Island's retirees and how he cares about protecting their health and economic security."

Coyle stated, "The Voting Record is especially helpful to older Americans to determine what to expect from their Members of Congress in upcoming battles over vital issues like enacting a comprehensive Medicare prescription drug benefit, stopping the privatization of Social Security, stopping the raids on the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for deficit spending, and making sure there will be no more Enrons."

 “After a lifetime of work, retirees need Members of Congress who will defend Medicare, pensions and Social Security and fight against federal budgets that are unfriendly to the sustained financial livelihood of these Americans,” said Congressman Langevin.  “I am very pleased by this rating by Alliance for Retired Americans, and I will continue to be a strong voice in the House for retirees.”

According to the Alliance for Retired Americans, they are a new and unique national organization working to create an America that protects the health and economic security of seniors, rewards work, strengthens families and builds thriving communities.
The Alliance states that they are a voice for retirees and older Americans in national, state and local policymaking who works to: win universal health care for all Americans; protect and expand Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare; open up job opportunities for people older than 50; improve Older Americans Act programs and financing; clean up political campaign financing; gain rights for patients in HMOs; and fight for workers' rights