Langevin, Colleagues Urge Bush to Increase Diplomatic Efforts with Iraq

Jan 23, 2003
(Washington, D.C.)–Congressman Jim Langevin and over 70 of his colleagues are urging President Bush to make every attempt to achieve Iraq’s disarmament through diplomatic means with the full support of our allies. 

Langevin is troubled by the increased war rhetoric emerging from the White House in recent days as UN Weapons Inspectors continue their work, uncovering no ‘smoking gun’ of considerable threat to the United States and it’s allies. 

In a letter to the President initiated by Congressmen Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Ron Kind (D-WI), Langevin and his colleagues stated: 

 “The UN resolution calls for a tough new weapons inspection regime; it requires the government of Iraq to provide inspectors with immediate, unimpeded, unconditional, and unrestricted access, and requires that Iraq permit inspectors to interview officials, scientists, and other individuals as necessary to fulfill the mandate of the resolution.  This is an inherently difficult task, requiring patience and perseverance.” 

 The Members of Congress also urged President Bush to use his State of the Union Address as an opportunity to offer assurances to both the American people and the international community that the United States remains committed to the diplomatic approach and inspections process as agreed to in UN Security Council Resolution 1441. 

 “The UN Weapons Inspectors must be provided time and patience by the United States to carry out a comprehensive investigation into Iraq’s weapons programs,” said Congressman Langevin.  “Expressing impatience and making threats of attack hinder the diplomatic process that could prevent hundreds of thousands of young American men and women from being placed in harm’s way.  Until the weapons inspectors discover clear evidence of a weapons program, I believe the Administration should pursue diplomatic routes with the same aggressiveness as that with which they are planning to wage war against Iraq.”