Langevin Calls for Resignation of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Apr 6, 2018 Issues: Energy & Environment

Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) issued the following statement calling for the resignation of Scott Pruitt, the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency:

“Since the day he took office, Administrator Pruitt has undermined the mission of the EPA. He has done so by pursuing policies that unwind vital environmental regulations that protect public health and fragile ecosystems. But more importantly, he has broken the trust placed in him, and all public servants, to use their position for the benefit of the taxpayer and not for personal gain. The series of ethical lapses that are currently the subject of federal investigation clearly disqualify him from continuing in his current position, and he must either resign or be removed. Protecting the environment from humanity’s excess is a sacred cause, and we need a trusted champion of environmental stewardship to lead the EPA. Administrator Pruitt’s legacy will be a stain on the Agency and our land, waters and air, and it is time for him to go.”