Langevin Applauds Bipartisan Senate COVID-19 Stimulus Agreement

WARWICK, RI – Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) today issued the following statement on the bipartisan Senate agreement for a novel coronavirus (COVID-19) stimulus package. The package is expected to be voted on in the House later this week.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unparalleled disruption across our nation that has placed immense pressure on hard-working American families, small businesses, and state and local governments. We are at a critical point, and this unprecedented public health crisis requires that lawmakers take expeditious and bipartisan action to provide desperately needed relief to those who have been hit the hardest.

“While no legislation is perfect, this stimulus package is a product of extensive negotiations, and it will protect public health and spur our economy. It puts American families and workers first by putting money directly into their pockets to ensure they have the resources they need right now to put food on the table and keep roofs over their heads, while we work to get our economy back on track. It also provides a much-needed boost for the mom-and-pop shops and restaurants that have been particularly hard-hit and that are the heart of our local economy. Additionally, it provides support for our healthcare workers who are on the frontlines, so they have what they need like personal protective equipment and other lifesaving equipment like ventilators.

“This bill puts us on a better path to combat and prevent the spread of this terrible virus by providing billions in direct support for hospitals, health agencies, and the state and local governments that are being stressed to the breaking point during these uncertain times. I’m particularly pleased that this agreement includes $1.25 billion in direct aid for Rhode Island’s state government.

“As a nation, we still have considerable challenges before us. I again want to thank our healthcare workers who are on the frontlines doing everything they can to keep people safe and healthy. I’m also thankful that Speaker Pelosi and my Senate colleagues have worked tirelessly across the aisle to produce a relief package that will help mitigate the worst effects of this pandemic. I will continue to fight for Rhode Islanders at every turn to overcome this crisis.”