Kennedy and Langevin Net Construction Funds for Quonset Guard Hangar

Sep 21, 2001
(Washington, D.C.)–Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), a member of the House Appropriations Committee, and Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI), member of the House Armed Services Committee, today announced that they have secured $9 million in the $10.5 billion Military Construction Appropriations Bill (HR 2904) for renovations and structural rehabilitation to the Air National Guard hangar at Quonset Point.  The bill passed the full House today by a unanimous vote of 401 to 0.

 "With this funding, I am pleased to continue my strong support on the House Appropriations Committee for the Rhode Island Air National Guard," said Congressman Kennedy. "This funding is needed to provide direct on-site maintenance of the new C-130J aircraft, which is critical to the mission and activities of the Guard.  This is clearly an important initiative for Rhode Island and our national defense."

 "For years, the Air National Guard Hangar at Quonset Point, which houses large C-130 aircraft, has been sinking into the ground, creating an uneven, hazardous area for the planes to be stored and mechanics to work," said Congressman Langevin.  "The C-130 aircraft is a critical component of the Rhode Island Air National Guard and must be stored and maintained in a safe and proper structure.  With our nation at high alert and preparing for potential military action, we must be sure that the equipment of our armed forces is in superb working condition."

 Earlier this year, Langevin successfully petitioned his colleagues on the Armed Services Committee to include this critical project in the Fiscal Year 2002 Defense Authorization bill, stating:

 "The C-130J-30 is 15 feet longer than our current C-130E's, and this state-of -the-art aircraft requires specialty maintenance shops to repair the new aircraft systems.  In addition, since 1941, when the hangar was built, numerous technological and systematic advancements have made this facility inadequate and incapable of meeting the needs of today's aircraft."

 Langevin subsequently worked with Representative Kennedy, who serves on the Appropriations Committee, to ensure that the authorization was fully funded in the Military Construction Appropriations bill.

 Of the $10.5 billion appropriated in the bill, $5.9 billion has been slated for military construction, $4.1 billion for family housing and $553 million for previous base closures and realignment efforts.

 The Military Construction Appropriations Bill includes $1.2 billion for construction of new military personnel housing; $1.2 billion for renovation and new construction of barracks; $199 million for new hospital and medical facilities; and $545 million for environmental rehabilitation of closed military bases.

 "For years, our armed forces have been targets for cut backs," added Langevin.  "With the ever-pending threat of terrorist aggression against freedom, democracy and liberty, we must take immediate steps to shore up the United States military to defend our way of life."