2021 Appropriations - Community Project Funding

Economic Development Initiative – Department of Housing and Urban Development


  • Recipient: City of Cranston
  • Recipient Address: 869 Park Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910
  • Amount Requested: $500,000
  • Project Purpose and Justification: This project would include the rehabilitation of existing sidewalks, including new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible curb ramps, removal and replanting of decorative trees, stormwater system retrofitting, installation of new pedestal mounted streetlights, and new landscaping in the Knightsville neighborhood of Cranston, Rhode Island. A total of approximately 4,000 linear feet of roadway length would be included in this proposed work. More than 30 years have passed since the last major public works investment in this section of Cranston and these upgrades are sorely needed: Sidewalks, lighting and street trees are all in poor condition, ADA improvements need to be completed to make the area accessible, and portions of the project area are susceptible to flooding during heavy rain.
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  • Recipient: Town of Johnston
  • Recipient Address: 1385 Hartford Avenue, Johnston, RI 02919
  • Amount Requested: $1,100,000
  • Project Purpose and Justification: This project would significantly upgrade the field at the Johnston Soccer Complex in Johnston, Rhode Island, including the removal of the deteriorated grass field sod and related underground sprinklers, purchase and installation of new, padded artificial field turf, soccer goals, and field striping. The proposed renovation would improve safety, reduce maintenance, and increase availability of the Johnston Parks and Recreation Department’s only full-size soccer field. Currently, the field is often in poor condition with holes and divots due to thinning grass and soil erosion, as well as poor drainage that that can make the field unsafe. These are all issues that would be solved by installing field turf. A turf field also lessens the maintenance burden on the Town by eliminating the need for mowing, line painting, reseeding, fertilizing, and watering. The Town would be able to accommodate more sports and activities because the new field would require less down time due to wear and maintenance.
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  • Recipient: City of Providence
  • Recipient Address: 25 Dorrance Street, Providence, RI 01903
  • Amount Requested: $500,000
  • Project Purpose and Justification: This project would include replacement of the aging playground with a fully inclusive play space for all that includes challenging and unique state of the art ADA accessible equipment, improvements to circulation, and green infrastructure that connects children and families to the natural resources and recreation activities at Neutaconkanut Park in Providence, Rhode Island. This project would also make significant improvements to the Little League field, including, infield revitalization, irrigation and fence and backstop replacement. The existing playground structure is too small, boring and extremely hot in the midday sun. Moreover, it does not meet current ASTM playground safety standards or current ADA guidelines. The ballfields are used by the Silver Lake Little League and have several deficiencies that not only pose safety issues, but make this park look uncared for.
  • Community Project Certification Letter


  • Recipient: Town of Richmond
  • Recipient Address: 5 Richmond Townhouse Road, Wyoming, RI 02898
  • Amount Requested: $578,000
  • Project Purpose and Justification: This project would include construction of a playground (to include ADA compliant paths and surfacing), basketball court, pavilion with picnic tables, bathroom facility and septic system on a 5-acre parcel of land across the street from the Town Hall in Richmond, Rhode Island. Richmond would also engage consultant services to assist in the layout and design of the features on the property. Improving recreation and community spaces has been recognized as a priority in the Town for several years. Richmond currently lacks suitable, permanent space at which to hold community and Recreation Department events, including the annual children’s summer camp, as the only other playground maintained by the Town is small and aging, and the only basketball courts are in significant disrepair. This project would allow the Town to create a community recreation area where a host of programming could take place, benefiting all residents of the Town.
  • Community Project Certification Letter


  • Recipient: City of Warwick
  • Recipient Address: 3275 Post Road, Warwick, RI 02886
  • Amount Requested: $775,000
  • Project Purpose and Justification: This project would preserve the historic Conimicut Shoals Lighthouse for future generations and construct an interpretive educational kiosk in nearby Conimicut Point Park in Warwick, Rhode Island. Work on the lighthouse is anticipated to include an architectural assessment, replacement of railings, repair of the existing jetty, weatherproofing the structure, and a complete repainting of the exterior shell. The kiosk will be fully ADA accessible and contain interactive components to educate and engage residents and visitors. It has been decades since the lighthouse has undergone any significant improvements, resulting in major structural degradation. If substantial renovations are not performed within the next five years it is possible that this historically and culturally significant structure could fall beyond repair resulting in a significant loss to the State’s tourism industry, aid to shipping navigation, resiliency planning, and many other benefits the structure currently provides.
  • Community Project Certification Letter

Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education – Department of Education


  • Recipient: Community College of Rhode Island
  • Recipient Address: Knight Campus, 400 East Avenue, Warwick, RI 02886
  • Amount Requested: $1,060,000
  • Project Purpose and Justification: The funding would be used for the development and deployment of a constituent relations management (CRM) tool to connect dozens of learning and student-support systems. A CRM system will provide the college and its constituents an integrated 360 degree view of student engagements across its platforms. This technology will allow CCRI to serve students and alumni in the way that is most important to them—making CCRI much more responsive to the needs of Rhode Islanders and the State by accessing real-time and coordinated data with an emphasis on student retention and completion.
  • Community Project Certification Letter


  • Recipient: Rhode Island College
  • Recipient Address: 600 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Providence, RI 02908
  • Amount Requested: $500,000
  • Project Purpose and Justification: The funding would be used to develop certificate programs that enable Rhode Islanders to earn discernable skills in which translate into a career in Data Science, Cyber Security or Computer Science. All three certificate programs can include a stackable credential in Leadership Development. Rhode Island College plans to market programming to the underserved populations throughout Rhode Island and specifically women.
  • Community Project Certification Letter

Health Resources and Services Administration – Department of Health and Human Services

RI Department of Health

  • Recipient: RIDOH Division of State Laboratories and Medical Examiners
  • Recipient Address: 50 Orms Street, Providence, RI, 02904
  • Amount Requested: $900,000
  • Project Purpose and Justification: Community project funding would be used to purchase new lab equipment that would help the RIDOH Division of State Laboratories and Medical Examiners promote and protect public health through increased detection capabilities. The project is expected to increase the capability of the public health laboratory to safeguard drinking water supplies by monitoring hundreds of emerging contaminants, including forever chemicals (perfluoro alkylated substances), pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and harmful algal biotoxins, all of which are serious public health concerns. Additionally, the project is expected to increase the state’s ability to detect and characterize substances involved in fatal overdose and impaired driving cases.
  • Community Project Certification Letter

Wood River Health Services

  • Recipient: Wood River Health Services
  • Recipient Address: 823 Main St, Hope Valley, RI, 02832
  • Amount Requested: $1,000,000
  • Project Purpose and Justification: Community project funding would be used to expand Wood River Health Services’ clinical and health education facilities, which will increase the community health center’s ability to provide health services and promote public health. Wood River Health Services estimates that there are over 5,000 underserved Medicaid patients in just one of their seven service area towns. This project will expand total clinical space by 57%, add dental care capacity for 1,200 patients annually, expand behavioral health care space by 33%, provide space for patient education, support groups, and specialist-care visits, and add an in-house pharmacy.
  • Community Project Certification Letter

Operations, Research and Facilities – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


  • Recipient: University of Rhode Island
  • Recipient Address: 75 Lower College Road, Kingston, RI, 02881
  • Amount Requested: $1,000,000
  • Project Purpose and Justification: Community project funding would be used by the University of Rhode Island to support its integrated plastics research program and advance the production of new sustainable materials, encourage innovation in recycling and pollutant capture, and increase understanding of the impact of plastics on human and environmental health. Additionally, these research efforts are expected to lay the groundwork for the establishment of a National Center of Excellence for Integrated Plastics Research, which would address the global plastics pollution crisis in a holistic way, incorporating environmental, economic, social, and health perspectives.
  • Community Project Certification Letter